Cigars have been around since before the 10th century A.D. It is said the Mayans were the first to invent the process of growing and rolling tobacco leaves into cigars. When the Europeans moved into America, they brought back with them a great number of technologies and cultural artifacts, one of them being cigars. In modern times, cigars reached their peak of popularity in the 19th century, but even since then, cigars have remained popular as a symbol of power, prestige, and celebration.


Today, cigars have developed a huge cult following, going so far as to spawn a great many publications, fan clubs, and so on, all devoted to getting to know the rich and varied world of cigars. The tobacco for cigars is grown in countries all over the world, the most famous (or infamous) of which is Cuba, and manufactured or handmade in an equally diverse geographical range.


Cigars come in all shapes and sizes. The most common shape is the simple cylinder with a rounded head (the end at which you draw the smoke), otherwise known in the business as a parejo. Cigars shaped irregularly are called figurados (such as the Perfecto – narrow at the ends and bulged in the middle.)


A  number of premium cigars are manufactured to the highest standards, but many cigars are still proudly handmade by families specializing in rolling cigars. The average cigar roller can roll many hundreds of cigars in a day, the output of which usually fetches higher prices than manufactured varieties. Full-leaf cigars are considered the best and most luxuriant. This means that no small bits are used in the filler – or internal part – of the cigar.


Cigars are made of three components: the wrapper, the filler, and the binder. The wrapper is the outside, the filler is the inside, and the binder is sandwiched between them. Not all cigars have binders, but the highest quality cigars always have them. Wrappers are categorized according to shade (lighter wraps are more robust in taste, while darker wraps are sweet.) Diplomat Cigars carries all these and more.



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